Lesley-Ann Brandt on 'Lucifer'

Who knows how it happened, but “Lucifer” has thrown fans a curveball and humanized the demon nobody would have expected. Throughout the first season of the series, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) was the tough, hard-edged sidekick to the devil himself.

Now, after the Nov. 7 episode “My Little Monkey,” it’s clear she’s also becoming the emotional center of the show thanks to the relationships she’s developing — most importantly the connection she’s made with Linda (Rachael Harris). In the closing moments of the episode, Maze went to a terrified Linda wanting nothing more than her approval and acceptance after earning her first honest paycheck as a bounty hunter.

While Linda was scared to learn the woman she was forging a bond with was a demon, Maze simply couldn’t handle the heartbreak of losing the one true friend she’s made. It’s a tough world for Maze to navigate — and it’s one Brandt knows all too well.

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“When I looked at that scene — and when I look at this character, being forced to stay on Earth — I remember moving from South Africa to New Zealand at 17,” she says.

“Feeling like nobody understands my culture, and nobody understands my accent… It’s very similar with Maze, at this point. Even though she’s been on Earth five or six years, this is the first time her life doesn’t revolve around Luxe, and orgies, and beating up people, and hanging out with Lucifer and getting drunk. Now it’s about the real stuff, the human stuff, if you will.”

That human stuff includes forging relationships, which isn’t exactly something she’s been good at in the past. And Linda’s isn’t the only one she’s forging. There’s also Trixie (Scarlett Estevez). This little girl has worked her way into Maze’s heart — and it doesn’t sound like she’s planning to vacate it anytime soon.

“I’ve always loved that relationship so much because I think, you know, children are so pure. I think that’s what Maze is drawn to,” Brandt says. “Children will say how things are.”

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“She learned about sisterhood, and friendship, and what it is to have a family,” the actress adds. “I think Linda and Trixie, they’re becoming like family to her. Watching her stumble and fall and navigate through that is what’s interesting to me.”

Somehow, the demon with a heart of stone has become one of the most human characters on “Lucifer.” And while that gives her something to lose, it also gives her quite a bit to fight for.

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