The “Lucifer” family tree has always been a tangled web, but the season finale just threw us all for a loop by introducing not just the heavenly father, but the heavenly mother?

We’ve all heard Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) talk about God as their “dad,” which only seems natural given the religious context. However, now we know someone important has escaped from hell, and that someone, as Lucifer so forebodingly puts it, is “Mom.”

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The finale episode sees Lucifer and Amenadiel search for Malcolm (Kevin Rankin) in an attempt to drag him back to hell and right both of their recent wrongs. Chloe (Lauren Greene) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) are on the same hunt, trying to keep Lucifer from killing him and going down for a real murder.

Unfortunately, Amenadiel is taken out of the fight, when Malcolm uses one of Maze’s knives to stab him, leaving his life hanging in balance. In a stunning act of selflessness, Maze uses the last feather from Lucifer’s wings — her only ticket home — to heal him.

She’s not the only one who makes the ultimate sacrifice though. After being shot in the gut by Malcolm, Lucifer begs his father to help him save Chloe from Malcolm’s wrath. In exchange, he’ll go back to being the dutiful devil, leaving earth behind for good. His father takes the deal, but sends him back to earth instead to hunt down an escaped soul: his mother.

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The concept of an angelic (or demonic) mother is a major deviation from not only the “Lucifer” comic books but also the biblical mythology the show has based its premise on. It sets up a great mystery for next year, with more than a few questions lingering on fans minds over the summer.

If Lucifer and Amenadiel have a mother, who is she? More importantly, what is she? And what was she doing in hell?

All questions we’ll have to wait for answers to until “Lucifer” returns with Season 2.

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