Will the devil have hell to pay when mommy comes to town in “Lucifer” Season 2? Lucifer certainly thinks so.

With his mother on the loose, his powers on the fritz whenever Chloe (Lauren German) comes near and his truce with Amenadiel (D.B Woodside) back on solid ground, Lucifer will have his plate full this year.

We spoke with Tom Ellis about Lucifer’s mommy issues, where he stands with Chloe and what we can expect from the mother of all evil when she finally makes it to town.

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Lucifer is on the hunt for his mother in Season 2. What are his plans once he finds her?

Tom Ellis: Well, I don’t think he has any plans because I don’t think he really knows what she’s up to. I think he’s convinced that she’s going to kill him and get revenge basically because she’s been in hell for thousands of years, and he didn’t talk to her at all. He left her completely unattended. Well, not completely unattended; Maze was her chief torturer. Lucifer didn’t want to talk to her because she stood by and watched as Dad tossed him out of heaven.

So he’s got a grudge against her, he believes she’s got a grudge against him, and when he finally catches up with her, it’s not what he expected.

We already know he’s got some daddy issues, so will we find out a little about his mommy issues too?

His daddy issues certainly don’t go away, and his issues with mum – in Lucifer’s head anyway – start to take some form of resolution early in our season. I think that there’s much more than he’s bargained for with his mum.

Does Lucifer take more after his mom than his dad?

Yeah, absolutely. That’s how we’ve sort of thought about it and played it. She’s the favorite part, of him, and I think they have a relationship that is very different to hers and Amenadiel’s. But yes, we can loosely say that Lucifer is very much a mummy’s boy at heart.

lesley ann brandt lucifer fox Tom Ellis: Lucifer is very much a mummys boy at heart

What is the dynamic between Maze, Lucifer and his mother going to be like?

I think Maze and Lucifer have a common ground when it comes to the torture aspect of what they used to do. This season for Maze is a lot more about Maze’s emancipation from the shackles of being Lucifer’s chief demon and sentry who looks over him. She no longer works at Lux. They no longer live together.

She’s going through some similar experiences that Lucifer went through when he decided to open himself up to working and living amongst humans. It’s the emancipation of Maze this season.

Can we assume that Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe is still a thing?

Yeah, it’s still a thing. As Lucifer divulged to Linda (Rachael Harris) at the end of last season, he realized Chloe makes him vulnerable, and Linda challenges him like, “Then why spend time with her? Why be around her?” He was adamant that he wanted to, and he doesn’t know why. So we stay with that notion.

At the end of last season, Lucifer is shot point-blank by Malcolm, and Chloe witnesses this, and then seemingly he comes back to life right in front of her. There’s a lot going on, so she’s quite flummoxed at the time, but at the beginning of this season, she’s still adamant that he can’t be the devil. There has to be an explanation, so she decides that she’s going to test his blood … to find out once and for all who Lucifer is.

What can you tell us about Lucifer and Amenadiel in Season 2?

They’re forced to work together again at the beginning of the season on this search for mum. You know, I think there’s a thawing slightly of their resentment towards each other. You realize that it’s much more deeply rooted than that. Amenadiel’s got a lot of his own issues this season that Lucifer isn’t party to. On the surface they’re two brothers who seem to be getting on much better than they used to, but as always in “Lucifer,” there’s a lot more stuff simmering away underneath.

aimee garcia lucifer fox Tom Ellis: Lucifer is very much a mummys boy at heart

How does this new character, Ella, fit in?

It’s fun actually because I’ve been doing a few scenes with her the last couple of days. Aimee Garcia, what a wonderful little thing she is. Ella’s character comes in — she’s the new forensic scientist. She is an interesting character for Lucifer because she’s a woman of faith, which obviously he has his own opinions of, but she’s also a woman of science, fascinated by science. She’s seemingly very innocent as a character, and the closest we get to purity as an adult character. It’s something that Lucifer finds unnerving at first and a bit perplexing.

Their relationship sort of starts to develop as the season goes on, which is an interesting one. She’s not who you expect Lucifer to be hanging out with, but there’s a strange intrigue between those characters. The thing with Ella though, is she of course doesn’t believe Lucifer is the devil. She just thinks he’s a method actor and he’s very, very committed to his craft.

Can we expect Lucifer to be singing again soon?

If people tune in for the season premiere, they won’t be disappointed if they want to hear me sing.

Do you love it that you get to sing on the show or are you like, ‘Ugh, guys, come on!’

No, I love it! It’s something that came about by accident. We always had this notion of Lucifer being a pianist, and Lux having this duel identity has a club, but then sometimes [Lucifer] likes to play. He just loves music. And me as Tom, I love music as well. I don’t know if our producers knew that about me particularly when they hired me, but along the way they’ve realized I do.

“Lucifer” premieres Monday, Sept. 19, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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