It's hard to believe that we've already made it the the season finale of "Lucifer," but Zap2it's exclusive sneak peek has some news that's even more unbelievable: Chloe (Lauren German) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) will be teaming up in this Monday's (April 25) finale to clear Lucifer's (Tom Ellis) name.

Maze and Chloe might not be the best of friends, but things certainly get a little heated when they take fire. Zap2it spoke with Lesley-Ann Brandt about Maze's relationship with Lucifer and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), and what we can expect from the season finale.

Zap2it: Maze has been such a great character this season, what do you think it is about her that the audience loves?

Lesley-Ann Brandt: I think she’s unapologetically herself. She’s loyal, and she says it how it is, and she’s just a very strong woman. She’s a strong female character, and in television nowadays that’s a hot commodity. She’s also a beloved character from the comic books, so it’s exciting to bring her to life in our version.

Did you read up on Maze in the comic books to get a feel for her?

I did. I’m actually going through them again for Season 2 as a refresher. I was really interested in her back story. She’s such a rich, colorful, strong comic book character, and those were the things I was really drawn to about this role. Also that relationship with Lucifer is very specific, which we touched on the first season, but we don’t fully explore, so that leaves a great door open for Season 2.

We just saw Maze hesitate to hurt Amenadiel, is that because she’s developed real feelings for him?

I think I’ve always seen her as bearing the crosses of Lucifer’s decisions because he just, without thinking of consequences, does what he does. She’s always in the back being the devil’s advocate, sitting on his shoulder, reminding him of who he is. With Amenadiel in that moment, D.B [Woodside] and I were really clear about what we wanted and didn't want – and I know it didn’t come across this way which made us really happy – but we didn’t want her to be like, “Oh, all the sudden she’s in love.”

She doesn’t know what love is. There is lust, there is loyalty, and she for sure loves Lucifer, but being in love and all the feelings that go along with that is not something that’s familiar to her. When she hesitates, there’s a moment of, “Why can’t I just do what I’ve always done? A few weeks ago, I would have killed you in an instant. What is happening?”

That unexplainable, “I don’t know what this is, and I don’t know why I can’t do this,” is what makes that relationship so great. I think what D.B and I worked really hard to create as far as chemistry goes is we don’t want to force feed our audience an idea. We want them to see it unfold as we go through it.

What can you tell us about Maze’s role in the finale?

Without giving away any clues, there’s a consequence to the decision she makes at the end of the finale episode.

Now that you know you have a Season 2, is there anything you hope to find out about Maze next year?

I think what I would like to explore is probably a life that isn’t so tied to Lucifer. She’s tied to this loyalty, but even in the comic book, she challenges him. In one of the comic books they have a fight, and she gives him this scar, and she says, “You can heal it if you want, but then you’re a coward.” Her idea of beauty, where she feels the most beautiful, is with her demon face. She’s that one character that’s always been able to push his buttons, but she’s not loyal just for the sake of being loyal… I hope they do explore the back story of how these two came together and what makes them so tied to one another.

What I do hope for Season 2 is that we see more of her demon side. I’d like to see the struggle between that a little bit more.

In the last episode, Maze laid down her knives and told Amenadiel and Lucifer to kill each other if they want. Has she washed her hands of them both?

I think she’s her own woman as of that point, and the decision she made there is for herself. I read somewhere people asking why she was saying she’s a pawn, but when you think about it, even though she is a strong woman who thinks for herself, at the end of the day, her loyalty has always been with Lucifer, but because of these actions, she unknowingly discovered this weird vulnerability with Amenadiel. Those weren’t choices of hers, those were things that just happened, so I think she’s going to hold them both accountable at some point.

For this entire season, there’s been a build and build and build of frustrations, and it has to come to a head at some point between her and Lucifer and her and Amenadiel. And then on a bigger scale, maybe between her and Chloe in Season 2. I think she’s going to be her own woman, and it’s going to be exciting to explore.

"Lucifer" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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