"Pretty Little Liars" is hurtling towards its final episodes, but a few cast members already have their next jobs all lined up. Lucy Hale is making a pretty appropriate jump from Freeform to The CW, starring in an all new series.

According to Variety, The CW has ordered a pilot for Hale's new show, a "one-hour dramedy about a young women diagnosed with terminal cancer who finds out that she’s not dying after all and has to learn to live with the choices she made when she decided to 'live like she was dying.'"

The name for this new dramedy? "Life Sentence."

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If the log line for "Life Sentence" seems a little familiar, it's because the premise of this show has already been attempted several times in several different ways. Most recently, The CW launched "No Tomorrow," which portrayed a quirky heroine getting herself into endless shenanigans as she deals with the possible end of the world. "No Tomorrow" probably has no tomorrow, considering it premiered to less than stellar results.

Hale's new series also reminds us of another drama previously on ABC Family called "Chasing Life," which featured a young woman in her prime being diagnosed with leukemia and subsequently adjusting her perception of life and living. Admittedly, this version focused more on the trails and tribulations of sickness and dying than the wonky "end of days" themes featured in "No Tomorrow," but the plot still feels familiar.

Another, slightly older version of this story played out on the ABC series "Samantha Who?" Rather than a ticking clock on life, "Samantha Who?" forced its leading lady into a retrograde amnesia premise, wherein she was forced to confront all the awful things her former self did. Hijinks ensued and life lessons were learned, but viewers didn't exactly take the bait in the way ABC hoped. The show was sadly cancelled after just two seasons.

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As the saying goes, there's nothing new under the sun, so we shouldn't be surprised that the CW's newest order is giving us major flashbacks-- but we have to hope that "Life Sentence" will take a new spin on this seemingly tired premise. Considering The CW has previously knocked it out of the park with dramedies like "Jane the Virgin" and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," it won't be hard to notice if this new series is not up to snuff.

To tell the truth though, even if "Life Sentence" is just more of the same, there's almost zero chance that The CW will pass on this new show. The mega-stars behind "Pretty Little Liars" are huge enough draws for the moment that any network would be crazy to pass up the chance to cash in on their huge fanbases teaming with young, perfectly in-demo viewers...

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