luke cage jessica jones1 Jessica Jones tweet teases a November arrival for Luke Cage series

Hot on the heels of the announcement that “Jessica Jones” is getting a second season and a “Punisher” series is in the works, a new piece of evidence has been presented that finds the “Luke Cage” series arriving sometime in November.

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The evidence in question comes from the official “Jessica Jones” Twitter account:

Upon close inspection of the image above, fans can see the file folder on the top of the pile has the words “CAGE” and “NOVEMBER” jotted down in all caps. The folders — and the files inside, for that matter — are still a mystery, so who knows what mischief our heroes will get into when the new series unfolds.

Sure, it’s also a strong possibility that the next season of “Jessica Jones” will be coming to Netflix that month as the series premiered to the streaming service in Nov. of 2015.

Regardless, one thing is definitely for certain … between this and the upcoming “Doctor Strange” movie, November is going to be one exciting month for Marvel fans.

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