luther remake fox 'Luther' fans are not excited by the idea of a FOX remake

News broke Tuesday (Nov. 18) that FOX is developing an American version of “Luther,” the British crime drama that has earned star Idris Elba three Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win. Elba is executive producing the FOX project along with series creator Neil Cross, but isn’t expected to go in front of the camera.
The reaction from fans of the orignal series — which ran for 14 episodes over three short, British-length seasons and aired on BBC America in the U.S. — was, putting it mildly, probably not what FOX was hoping to hear. Zap2it asked its social media fans whether they thought a remake was a good idea, and the almost unanimous reply was “no.” (The most succinct comment, from a Facebook user: “Why?”)
Idris’ intensity in the title role is a big reason why “Luther” worked, and a number of the responses to the remake say without him, there’s no show. (And it’s not as if American TV is exactly lacking for antihero dramas.) Others point to FOX’s adaptation of another British crime saga, “Gracepoint,” as reason to leave “Luther” alone. 
FOX’s commitment to the show at the moment is for a put pilot — i.e., a pilot will likely be filmed, and the network will have to pay a penalty if it’s not aired. So it’s still several steps from actually happening.
Here’s a sampling of the responses to the project. You’ll probably see a pattern here.

Posted by:Rick Porter