It may look like paradise on screen but the shooting location of Amazon’s drama series “Mad Dogs” turned out to be anything but for one member of the cast.

Steve Zahn, who plays Cobi — one of a group of middle-aged friends gathered in Belize to celebrate one’s early retirement — endured heat, humidity and all manner of creepy crawlies while shooting the 10-episode first season on the show’s Puerto Rico set. And worse, he contracted Dengue fever from a mosquito bite.

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“That was a hard deal,” the 48-year-old Minnesota native tells Zap2it. “… I could barely walk … the bottoms of my feet hurt so bad. And in my head and my state, I thought, ‘Oh, I ran like five miles yesterday on the beach and I was jumping over stuff.’ … And then cut to 15 hours later and I was in the hospital. And I had two days off. You have a high fever and you’re just absolutely drained but your joints just hurt like they’re busted. Really painful. Hard gig. That pilot week, really hard.”

After months of symptoms, Zahn was finally over the malady. The star of such films as “That Thing You Do!,” “Saving Silverman” and “Dallas Buyers Club” takes pride in being a working actor, and he’s currently shooting the feature film “War for the Planet of the Apes,” which is due out next year.

And when he’s not on set, Zahn can be found on his Kentucky farm, where he raises horses and clears trails for his two children.

“There’s always something to fix or something to mow or cut. I just cut things — trees, weeds, lawn, fields,” he says with a laugh. “It’s amazing how many things you just kind of like cut. You’re always cutting something. You’re always knocking something down.”

Posted by:George Dickie