mads mikkelsen hannibal season 3 Mads Mikkelsen: Playing Hannibal is not as tricky anymore

Zap2it: Having done “Hannibal” for a while, are there still surprises for you in playing Dr. Hannibal Lecter?

Mads Mikkelsen: Hannibal can do a lot of different things, but having said that, I’ve spent three years with him now. His base is always there, and he can divert from that, but there’s always that base of a refined and intellectual man. It’s not as tricky anymore, but I do get challenges. Having to speak Italian will always be one.

Zap2it: Your visibility as villain Le Chiffre in “Casino Royale” made you globally bankable, but you’ve also continued to pursue smaller films. Was that your aim?

Mads Mikkelsen: Most people are capable of doing anything. I guess it’s up to themselves whether they are only listening to the money or doing a little of everything. I’ve been fortunate enough to get offers from Europe as well as America … and this will sound very pretentious, but what I find interesting, I will go with.

Sometimes that’s in America, sometimes that’s in France — and if it’s China next time, I will be in China. I’m in the very fortunate position now where I can do what I like to do. And if I don’t like to do anything, I can sit down and have a beer.

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Zap2it: Did you feel the pressure of making a James Bond movie while you were doing it?

Mads Mikkelsen: It is a big deal. I’d heard about the pressure, especially from my agents and the people around me … but to tell you the truth, at that point when I got the job, I had never seen a Bond film, so I didn’t really understand what we were up against.

I read the script, though, and I could see they were going for a different style. A Bond film was in there, but it was also just an interesting film.


Posted by:Jay Bobbin