A “Game of Thrones” premiere night is exciting enough for fans of the show, but can you imagine how epic it would be if Arya Stark herself stopped by to join in on the fun?

Maisie Williams did just that on Sunday (April 24) in Los Angeles.

After scanning Twitter for good parties to crash, Williams picked some UCLA film students, who were having a small get-together for the premiere at their apartment. She then took to Instagram to document a step-by-step account of her plan as it unfolded. The 12 photos that followed told the coolest story ever.

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First up was a stop to the local grocery store to pick up some snacks and goodies. After all, it’s bad manners to crash a party empty handed.


Next, she rolled up to the fans’ apartment, making sure to stay super quiet to keep the whole thing a surprise. She met the host of the party first, and needless to say, he was pretty surprised to have Williams show up at his door.

“Firstly, I met Mark. The buzzer was broken so Mark came down to let us in. After exhaling a ‘HOLY SHIT!’, we hugged it out and he helped us inside,” Williams writes.

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They were smart enough to film the moment Williams walked in on the party, under the clever ruse that they’d won “Game of Thrones” swag for tweeting pictures of their viewing party.


The party was planned to perfection, with decorations and Westeros-themed snacks available. Williams posted photos of such delicacies as “Grey Worm’s” gummy worms and “Dragon Egg Cookies.” The funniest decoration, however, was the Jon Snow prediction board, showing everyone’s guesses for the character’s fate.


It seems the actress’ vote was the only one in the “dead” column. You know nothing, Maisie Williams.

“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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