'Making a Murderer's' Steven Avery

In the aftermath of “Making a Murderer,” Steven Avery’s murder trial defense team is making a shocking revelation — they’re not entirely sure that he’s actually innocent of the crime.

That news came from an appearance on “CBS This Morning” by defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Butting. When asked if they were convinced of Avery’s innocence in the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach in 2007, Strang slightly changes the question.

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“I’m not convinced of his guilt,” Strang says. “I’m not at all convinced of his guilt, I never have been.”

When asked if that means there are doubts in their mind that Avery is innocent, he says, “Sure, absolutely.”

That said, they still stand against their clients’ conviction, as Strang continues, “If it was OK to convict people on maybes, I wouldn’t be worried about this. But it’s not.”

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As for the claims that “Making a Murderer” was biased and excluded important evidence, Strang says, “If the prosecutor and the police are really secure in the convictions they obtained, I’d wonder why they sounded so insecure about a movie that necessarily couldn’t run 200 hours.”

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