The water-cooler conversations about Netflix’s docu-series “Making a Murder” may have died down in recent months but that doesn’t mean the gears of America’s judicial system aren’t continuing to turn. Once wrongful conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner took over Steven Avery’s case, the notion of an appeal has become more and more possible.

Previously, Zellner has claimed cell phone GPS records as new evidence that wasn’t previously considered in the 2005 murder trial of Teresa Halbach. Now, in an in-depth interview with Newsweek, Avery’s lawyer admits that her motive is not bringing another trial to court but to force the state of Wisconsin to turn around Avery’s conviction entirely, setting the man free.

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“Half of my exoneration cases have led to the apprehension of the real killer,” Zellner says. “I’ve probably solved way more murder cases than most homicide detectives.”

Those are bold words but they are backed up in some solid results, making Zellner an acclaimed attorney in this field. Still, 11 years since the trial took place, and with Avery behind bars, it may be tough for her to sway the state unless her evidence leads to capturing Halbach’s real killer.

According to Zellner, she has “a couple” suspects they are looking into, including one specific man that is at the top of her list. “I’d say there’s one, leading the pack by a lot,” she says. “But I don’t want to scare him off, I don’t want him to run.”

Previously, online speculation has run rampant regarding the murderer’s true identity. From Halbach’s shifty ex boyfriend to serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards, the theories can easily take you down a conspiracy-laden rabbit hole if you let it.

Well, get ready for one more suspect as the interview presents a new possible killer to the mix. The Arizona man Zellner has her eye on was the recipient of two phone calls from Halbach right before her murder and just a few months ago, he was taken into custody for sex crimes.

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Currently, Steven Avery’s appeal is working its way through Manitowoc County’s legal system. With a Season 2 of the series moving forward at Netflix, it’s very possible this developing story could be the focal point of those new episodes.

What about that evidence that put Avery in jail in the first place? Yep, Zellner has her sights on that too.

“They used forensic science to convict [Avery], and I’ll be using it to convict them of planting the evidence.” Zellner continues,  “I think it’s pretty obvious that the blood evidence was planted, and the key was planted. The hood latch, I believe evidence was planted on the hood latch. Am I surprised this happened? Not at all. Do I think it’s good that the public knows it? Absolutely.”

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