kathleen zellner steven avery gi Steven Avery’s lawyer presents ‘airtight alibi’ in Making a Murderer appeal

Since last we heard from Steven Avery, the focus of Netflix’s highly popular “Making a Murderer” series, a new lawyer has been assigned to his ever evolving case. That lawyer was none other than Kathleen Zellner, one of the country’s most successful attorneys specializing in wrongful convictions.

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Zellner hasn’t wasted any time with her new client and has since filed an appeal that is going to head to court sometime, one assumes (or hopes), in the next year. While she waits, Zellner has taken to Twitter to present a pretty steady argument, detailing the many ways her client is innocent. The latest tweet, alleges an “airtight alibi” regarding mobile phone records.


In the original trial, Teresa Halbach’s cell phone records were explored but the location data was not a part of the equation. Tapping more specific information from the cell towers in the area, the focus on the location over incoming and outgoing calls may present a whole new light for the defense.

In the previous trial, the prosecution alleged that the Avery Salvage Yard was Halbach’s final location. This new alibi may point to her last destination, before disappearing, may have been elsewhere which would be huge.

Sure, it’s possible Avery could’ve left his cell phone — if he had one at the time — at home and moved Halbach’s body to a second location. However, this crime transpired in 2005 which was a time when GPS tracking was a concept not generally understood by the public at large.

Is this alibi in question convincingly airtight? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, here are other recent arguments Zellner has presented to Twitter for fans of the show to mull over.

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