lily tomlin reba mcentire malibu country abc 'Malibu Country's' Reba McEntire 'flabbergasted' by Lily TomlinZap2it: Does doing “Malibu Country” fit well into whatever your music plans might be now?

Reba McEntire: Oh yes, it does match up well. The schedule of television is so good for me, because we do a five-day work week, and I can go do my concerts on the weekend or during the hiatus period in the summer. It works out great for me.

Zap2it: How is it to have a comedy veteran on the order of Lily Tomlin playing your mother?

Reba McEntire: I am just flabbergasted to get to work with Lily Tomlin. I’ve known her for over 10 years, and I’m a huge fan of hers, on and offstage. The way she will sit down and talk to a person, she’s so down to earth, and then to get up onstage and do what she does … she’s just terrific. And she’s perfect for this part. She’ll come up with a line that has me rolling on the floor.

Zap2it: Was having many of the same people who were involved on the production team for your earlier series, “Reba,” part of the original plan for “Malibu Country”?

Reba McEntire: You know, John Wayne always did that. He brought the same people along with him in making different movies, people like (actor) Ben Johnson, and that’s very important.

You’re secure, you feel good, and you don’t have to retrain somebody on how many ice cubes you want in your iced tea. It’s little, minor stuff, but it does matter. You feel confident, so that you can go do what you need to be doing.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin