When “Man in the High Castle” debuted its first season a year ago, then-showrunner Frank Spotnitz assured Screener he had an idea of where the show was ultimately going to end up.

He revealed that as the show has evolved, he went from envisioning three seasons to five, and that it was important “to know what the ending point was before [he] started.”

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Since then, Spotnitz has left the Amazon drama, departing in May 2016 amid rumors of creative differences with the studio. But whatever the reason, Spotnitz is now a hands-off executive producer. So what does that mean for his vision for the show? Executive producers David Zucker and Isa Dick Hackett tell Screener they are aware of what Spotnitz had planned, though that might grow and change over the years.

“There are some clear ideas that Frank put forth from the beginning about where some of our central characters, what their culminating points, may be,” says Zucker. “Frank had some broad architecture for [the ending], but I think he would probably also acknowledge that as you get into it, you start feeling how real that target may be or what growth there may be beyond that.”

“There are all kinds of opportunities in this particular show, all different configurations and ways that our characters can move and change,” says Hackett.

“We’re not limited by history, that’s for sure,” says Zucker with a laugh, as Hackett adds, “Or reality.”

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But they do hope that they are lucky enough to get five seasons (or more) from Amazon Studios.

“Hopefully this is a discussion we’re having in year five,” says Zucker. “I think it’s hard to declare at this point what the length will be, because inevitably as you get into these stories, some of them naturally extend their lives and some of them terminate perhaps sooner than you intended, so that’s a whole storytelling process that’s hard to anticipate.

“We can’t really say ourselves right now is what it will take to get there. That’s one of the many fascinating things we get to discuss each season and ultimately Amazon will determine that, even though we may have our own hopes and intentions.”

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