“The Man in the High Castle” returns for its second season next week, something we have been waiting for since we finished the Season 1 finale a year ago. Ahead of the premiere, and as a sort of primer to remind you where the show left off, here are our six wish list items for Season 2.

The title character

The cat is already out of the bag that we’re going to meet the man in the high castle this season, because Stephen Root’s casting news broke in late November. However, we have a couple requests of finally getting to meet him — let it be early on and let him be a major player.

It would be so disappointing if the titular man behind the films wasn’t introduced until the last couple of episodes of the season, because that means we really won’t get to know him until Season 3.

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Similarly, whenever he is introduced, we’d like to see him become a major ally of Juliana (Alexa Davalos) and/or Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), not just some mythical figure who shows up once or twice and fades back into the shadows.

The neutral zone

This one is probably a long shot. The show has already established its characters in two main places and Season 2 is adding a third, as the trailer and photos already released reveal that Joe (Luke Kleintank) winds up in Berlin.

Still, we wouldn’t mind seeing Canon City, Colo., and its denizens again, because Season 1 left us with a lot of questions about what exactly the neutral zone is and who gets to live there. Also, what’s the creepy Marshal (Burn Gorman) been up to?

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Perhaps if the talked-about war between the Nazis and the Japanese comes to fruition, the Resistance members will flee to the neutral zone. That’d be a nice way to revisit that setting. Also, Season 1 implied it’s where the man in the high castle resides, so that would make sense.

Tagomi’s alternate reality

Tagomi meditating and waking up in the alternate timeline where the Allies won World War II was certainly a stunning cliffhanger. The creators confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Tagomi was not dreaming, which raises an interesting point — “having a vision” and “dreaming” are too similar for us to be OK if it turns out to be the former after the EPs said it wasn’t the latter. So, if he wasn’t dreaming, viewers should be able to safely assume he actually visited the alternate timeline.

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In that case, we have a lot of questions. How did he get there? How does he get back? Can other people go to alt-’62? Season 2 doesn’t have to provide all the answers, but we definitely need to get a few of them.

The rest of the world

As Joe sailed off for Mexico, we couldn’t help but wonder — what do Central and South America look like in this alternate reality? What about the rest of the world? Russia? Canada?

We don’t expect to see a huge global expansion in the second season, because the show already has a lot going on with its U.S. citizens and is about to expand to Germany, but we would love some hints about what the Axis Powers winning WWII did to the rest of the world.

The antiques dealer

In Philip K. Dick’s novel on which the show is based, antiques dealer Robert Childan (Brennan Brown) is a much larger character, though his involvement in the plot of the show has remained very similar to the book.

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However, one of the book plot points that wasn’t used in Season 1 is Tagomi’s visit to alternate San Francisco being facilitated by a jewel Frank (Rupert Evans) made that Tagomi bought from Childan. It would be really cool if the show manages to work this in somehow, as a way for Tagomi (or others) to visit the alternate reality. Maybe Childan is some kind of alternate reality gatekeeper and he doesn’t even know it.

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Juliana & Joe reunion

Yes, yes, this isn’t really a show about shipping romantic couples. But the first season firmly established a love triangle between Frank, Juliana and Joe. And Frank is fine and all — he certainly got more interesting as the first season went on — but Davos and Kleintank have some really great chemistry together. It would be a shame if they spent all of Season 2 apart. We will be eagerly anticipating their reunion, so hopefully the show can pay that one off big time.

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“The Man in the High Castle” Season 2 drops Friday, Dec. 16 on Amazon.

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