One of the most surprising, unique and flat out strange comedies to hit the small-screen in 2015 was FXX’s “Man Seeking Woman.” Where else could you see Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) battle the flirtations of his girlfriend’s phallic manga monster best friend? Nowhere!

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Last week, the above red band trailer (meaning it’s a bit NSFW) for the show’s upcoming second season hit the internet and by the looks of things, the odd and strange world Josh exists in is just going to get more bonkers.

Adding to the mix, FXX shared four new clips to prep you for the wild ride that’s in store. And by the looks of things, that ride includes a very in shape sex toy named Kyle, and what looks like a blossoming relationship between Josh and a 1998 Saturn. Sure, why not?

From the witty and weird mind of Simon Rich (“Saturday Night Live”), the comedy also stars Eric Andre (“The Eric Andre Show”) as Mike, Britt Lower (“Unforgettable”) as Liz, and Maya Erskine (“Betas”) as Maggie.

Season 2 of “Man Seeking Woman” will premiere on January 6 on FXX.

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