mandy moore paris april 2014 gi Mandy Moore on mistaken identity: 'That's embarrassing. For them.'Zap2it: The last of your scheduled “Red Band Society” appearances airs this week (Wednesday, Nov. 26). Are you up for doing more?

Mandy Moore: I’d love to. It’s such a great group, it’s like a little family. I’d be pleased to come back and work with Dave (Annable) and Octavia (Spencer) … yeah. Sign me up any day of the week!
Zap2it: There’s also a Mandy Moore who choreographs such programs as “So You Think You Can Dance.” Do people ever confuse you with her?
Mandy Moore: Occasionally on Twitter. Years ago, I guess she was nominated for an Emmy for her work, and someone at an agency I used to be with sent me an e-mail and said, “Congratulations on your Emmy nomination!” And I was like, “Really?” Someone did not do their homework whatsoever. That was embarrassing. For them.
Zap2it: What’s the status of the latest music album you’ve been working on?
Mandy Moore: I’m writing off and on, and still figuring out how it will make its way out into the world. This year is fast coming to an end, but at some point soon … I mean, music is still on the brain, and it’s a big part of who I am.
The music industry has certainly changed since I put out my first record 15 years ago. The way people consume music, the way they share it, the way they talk about it through different channels, just for music to surface and find its way into people’s lives and hearts — it’s a totally new ballgame now, but I think that in many ways, that’s exciting.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin