manhattan love story analeigh tipton abc 'Manhattan Love Story' series premiere: Analeigh Tipton finds show's voiceovers 'a little tricky'

Zap2it: Much of your “Manhattan Love Story” performance is delivered in voiceover, revealing your character’s inner thoughts. How is that process for you?
Analeigh Tipton: It is a little tricky for me, because I’m a pretty soft-spoken individual. I think on-camera, my strengths are usually more in my facial features, my eyes and my looks and my pauses. So when I have to fill that with a voice that holds its own, literally — Jake (McDorman, the show’s leading man), his voice is so full of expression, but it’s very difficult for me afterwards to go back and have to try to do something that felt honest and that also doesn’t sound monotone, which I might perhaps sound sometimes.
It’s a good challenge to have to sit in your car and listen to your own thoughts, because we have our own thoughts, but we don’t necessarily actually consciously listen to how they come through in our own minds.
It’s an interesting exercise to hear the tone and the sound and the characters in the voice, something that I know I have to perfect in the show. And I’m excited to kind of figure that out.
Zap2it: How did you like filming on location at the Statue of Liberty, among other famous New York sites?
Analeigh Tipton: There was a moment where we were all freezing, and the crew just stopped. Because once you roll up to it and you’re just kind of standing in front of it and … getting to do that with such iconic places in general, we all just kind of took a moment: “We all have pretty cool careers.”
“Manhattan Love Story” premieres Tuesday (Sept. 30) on ABC at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin