mansons lost girls lifetime 5 things you need to know before watching Mansons Lost Girls

“Manson’s Lost Girls” tells the story of Linda Kasabian and her fellow members of the infamous Manson Family during the weeks leading up to the murders they carried out in the name of Charles Manson.

The Lifetime original movie focuses on Linda’s personal crisis of conscience during and after her indoctrination into the bizarre Manson cult, and how she eventually became the key witness in the family’s prosecution.

Before watching “Manson’s Lost Girls” chilling reenactment of the gruesome murders, here are five Manson facts you should brush up on.

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None of the ‘Manson Family’ members were actually related.

The Manson Family was a commune on a ranch just outside of Los Angeles established in 1968. The Family was made up of mostly runaways and college dropouts, who were pursuing the “hippie” lifestyle in California. Drugs and orgies were reported to be the two major pastimes at the ranch.

The Family committed nine murders in total.

Over the course of five weeks, the Manson Family committed nine murders, but their most famous murder was of actress Sharon Tate. During that crime, the Family also killed five people who were present in Tate’s house at the time. Most of the murders had some form of “pig” or “Helter Skelter” graffiti left behind at the scenes of the crime.

Additionally, the Los Angeles Police Department thinks the Family could have committed up to a dozen other murders, but they have never been able to prove it.

Charles Manson planned to release an album

Manson was a songwriter and a big fan of the Beatles. Leading up to the time of the murders, he and his family were planning to release an album of his own songs. He was even supposed to meet with music producer Terry Melcher for a potential record deal.

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Manson believed in Helter Skelter

Taken from the Beatles song of the same name, “Helter Sketler” was the name Manson bestowed on what he believed to be an impending apocalyptic race war. It’s believed that Manson hoped to trigger this race war by inciting fear and violence with the murders his family committed.

Linda Kasabian was the key witness and accomplice in the murders

Kasabian joined the Manson Family in the summer of 1969, just weeks before the Family would go on to commit their murders. She ran away from the commune after accompanying other members of the family to the first four murders, and she later testified that she only drove the car and witnessed the murders. Kasabian is currently the only member of the Manson Family not serving a life sentence.

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