It’s impossible to think of Mariah Carey and not think of excessive glitz and glamour. So it’s not surprising that the premiere of her E! Network reality docu-series opens up with her vacationing on a massive luxurious yacht in Capri, Italy. It’s a picture-perfect sunny day as she swings into the water during this “surprise” treat from her now ex-fiancé, billionaire James Packer. One last reprieve before returning to her home in Los Angeles to prepare for her now-cancelled wedding and Sweet Sweet Fantasy European Tour.

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The eight part docu-series will follow the 46-year-old singer, songwriter and mother of two 5-year-old twins through rehearsals before jetting off to Glasgow, Scotland for the opening night of her tour. Mariah, who hasn’t performed in Europe in over a decade, is gearing up to perform 27 shows around the continent, and there’s just not enough time for her to focus on the tour and planning a wedding. “Music always comes first,” Mariah says, and she means it. By the end of the premiere, the “Vision of Love” singer decides to postpone the ill-fated wedding.

sorry gif Mariahs World premiere: Lingerie, lounging & a little singing

Throughout the one-hour episode, Mariah has never been more Mariah. She’s in lingerie 75 percent of the time. She conducts every talking-head interview reclining on a chaise. The woman does not seem to like standing. Or sitting up straight. She doesn’t like tying her own shoes either — there’s a moment in which has a person on each side helping hold her up, while an assistant is on the floor lacing up an impossibly high pair of heels on her feet. This is indeed “Mariah’s World,” and we just live in it.

lounging mariah carey Mariahs World premiere: Lingerie, lounging & a little singing

“I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses,” Mariah says, walking into a rehearsal room. Being seen in fluorescent lights requires a pair of designer shades to be on her face. “It’s one of my rules,” she explains. Mariah is fully aware of how this sounds, she just doesn’t care. And she surrounds herself with enablers. Everyone who works for Mariah adores her, and easily complies with all of her requests.

sunglasses gif Mariahs World premiere: Lingerie, lounging & a little singing

The dance rehearsals are perhaps the best part of the premiere. Mostly, because Mariah doesn’t dance. The most difficult move she does is hold on to a table with both hands, and squat down. That’s pretty much the extent of her physical movement. But there is a “dance move” that’s really making Mariah nervous:

It’s actually not a dance move at all, but its choreography within the show in which she assumes her favorite pose, lying down on a chaise, and the dancers lift the couch up above their shoulders and carry her around. Queen Mimi once dislocated her shoulder the last time this choreography was performed. How? No clue. She literally doesn’t have to move at all while her dancers do all the work, but she’s very apprehensive about incorporating it into the show again. But ultimately, this “dance move” stays. Why? Because Mariah is a trooper!

mariah gif Mariahs World premiere: Lingerie, lounging & a little singing

Watching “Mariah’s World” is a little bittersweet as we know that will not end happily for the singer. She will perform a successful tour, but her billionaire fiancé will leave her high and dry. Nothing was edited to change the episodes, so in every scene you can see her massive rock as she discusses how wonderful they are together. This reality series would benefit from a half-hour, as an entire hour of watching Mariah lounge around without pants is less than fascinating, so here’s hoping things pick up a little more once the tour officially kicks off.

“Mariah’s World” airs on Sunday night’s at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E! Network.

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