marie osmond marie hallmark 325 'Marie' gives Marie Osmond yet another second chanceNever let it be said that Marie Osmond isn’t like the rest of us.

She’s been in the entertainment industry nearly all her life, but she’s a mother of eight, and at the time of this interview for her new daytime series “Marie,” she was multitasking, buying school supplies for her children. But that fact did nothing to lessen her focus or enthusiasm for her new lifestyle and talk series premiering on Hallmark Channel Monday, Oct. 1.

“I was going to do this about five years ago,” Osmond tells Zap2it of the new series. “We had 97 percent of the market syndicated and ready to go, and then all financing fell through. And so this is kind of like a second chance, which is interesting, because those are the things that I want to talk about — second chances. It’s like when I did ‘Dancing With the Stars’ … . I was going through a divorce and everything else, and I was out there to tell women, ‘No — your life doesn’t stop at 45. Life is beautiful. Life has challenges.’ That’s the thing. You pick yourself back up and you go for it.”

She chuckles as she talks about her ‘DWTS’ experience. For her, the ability to laugh at herself and at life is the key to handling adversity.

“I think you’ve got to find humor in everything,” she explains. “I want this show to be fun and upbeat and have laughs for every day.”

Osmond also points out that “Marie” won’t be taped on a conventional set in front of a huge audience.

“I made the set very homelike,” she says. “I travel so much, and have since I was a child, that home is where my heart is. That’s why I wanted it to feel that way, and everybody who’s done the show so far — we’ve had people like Betty White, Dean Cain; Tom Bergeron’s coming on. Fran Drescher, Florence Henderson – my friends. They really love the intimacy of it. It’s beautiful … it feels like we’re having a conversation.”

Posted by:Karl Paloucek