The most suspenseful reveal going into “Married at First Sight” Season 3’s final decision episode was what would become of Neil and Samantha — and Tuesday’s (March 1) episode did not disappoint in terms of suspense, though it was a very disappointing outcome.

Sam & Neil

In their meeting with the experts, Sam bared her soul about what a great experience this has been for her.

“I was an evil b**** when I met you … if it wasn’t for you coming into my life, I never would have become this better person, understanding how to deal with issues for myself and also how to communicate them in an effective way and not a destructive way,” says Sam. “I truly feel like I’m a better person. And if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have become a better person — my best self.”

She says she wants to stay together, but Neil does not feel the same way. He agrees it was a huge learning experience, but he says asks her for a divorce anyway, and Sam runs out of the room crying.

After what strides they made as a couple, it’s pretty sad to watch. When they meet up later at their house, however, they seem to have parted amicably, so at least there’s that.

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Ashley & David

The same cannot be said for David and Ashley, who viewers get to see return to their house — and David is fit to be tied about Ashley wanting a divorce. He’s storming around, asking her what stuff she wants to keep in a way that is barely disguising his anger and almost feels like each item is a metaphor for her rejection of him.

Ashley observes in a private interview, “I think David just wants to be married. He just wants it to work, whether it’s right or not” — and she’s probably not wrong.

David, meanwhile, is going to “take my cactus and go.”

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Vanessa & Tres

In the happiest of the three outcomes — and what should come as no surprise to viewers — Tres and Vanessa are staying together. Now, where they are when the reunion special picks up remains to be seen, but for now, they are going to give it a shot.

Tres sums it up best with, “I’m falling for her. Love is a very strong and powerful thing, I think we can get through anything.”

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