David Norton in Married at First Sight Season 3

“Married at First Sight” returned Tuesday (Dec. 1) on FYI, with three new couples embarking on the exciting, terrifying experiment of letting four experts match them up and then marrying their match as soon as they meet in person.

Two of the participants, Vanessa Nelson and David Norton, tell Zap2it about the scariest part of the process and how they felt when they saw their respective spouses-to-be.

“The scariest moment of the whole process is when you’re finally about to meet your spouse,” says Nelson. “You’re spending hours and hours on assessments and interviews and there’s this moment when you finally get to meet this person who is specially picked just for you, that’s the most nerve-wracking part of it all.”

For Norton, the scariest moment happened a  bit earlier in the day for him.

“The scariest moment is the morning of the wedding — before you’re with your family, before you’re with your friends, before you’re in your tuxedo, you wake up and you’re just like, ‘This is it. This is the last time I’m waking up as a single man. I’m getting married today to someone I don’t know, how wild is that?’ That was definitely a little frightening,” says Norton.

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But they both had terrific initial impressions of their spouses.

“My initial impression of [Tres] was that he has a great smile and really kind spirit and he’s really considerate about people around him,” says Nelson. “There was definitely an instant attraction. I think we both felt comfortable with each other.”

Norton’s view is more philosophical, saying that the moment was really powerful for him.

“I remember very distinctly that I saw the front corner of her dress and I thought, ‘Wow, every bad relationship, everything that was wrong, everything that failed, everything led me to this point right here. This is my wife who is about to walk down the aisle.’ It was a very powerful moment,” says Norton. “Everything led to this moment right here, right now, this very second.”

To find out how the weddings and receptions turn out, tune in next week, when Zap2it will be back to give odds on the couples’ chances of staying together.

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