One “Married at First Sight: The First Year” couple takes a big step in their relationship, while another hits a bit of a roadblock.

Jamie & Doug

The seemingly dysfunctional Jamie Otis-Hehner and husband Doug Hehner made some real strides in Tuesday’s (April 5) episode, as Jamie found a therapist to start seeing and Doug said yes to fostering a dog. These may seem like small things, but it means a lot to Doug that Jamie is trying to get help working through her trust and abandonment issues that stem from her absent mother and raising her siblings on her own. It also means a lot to Jamie that Doug is trusting in their relationship enough to get a dog.

The dog sort of represents a trial run for these two seeing if they are in this for the long haul before they start trying to have children, which would obviously complicate matters considerably if their marriage doesn’t work out. While they have certainly made it longer than any other “Married at First Sight” couple (along with Jason and Cortney), keep in mind that these people haven’t known each other an overly long time, so staying together is not really a foregone conclusion.

Maybe there is hope for Doug and Jamie yet, something Zap2it would not have said at the start of the season. Jamie did let Doug dye her hair, which is kind of a big deal.

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Cortney & Jason

Meanwhile, the couple that has always seemed to really have their relationship on lock hit a rough patch when looking for new apartments. Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix live in New York, which is not an inexpensive place, and they need more room but don’t really have the money to upgrade the way they want to. This leads to a fight about money, which is the No. 1 thing couples fight about.

But the crux of the issue here is interesting — Jason has a personal bank account where his paychecks from being a firefighter are deposited directly. He then puts some of “his” money into the joint account, but Cortney is starting to have a real problem with this because if they are truly a unit, she thinks he shouldn’t have access to a private account that she doesn’t have access to.

It makes Cortney feel like Jason is hiding something, and he is. He’s been saving money to buy her a real engagement ring. But he wants it to be a surprise, so he can’t tell her why the private bank account is so important to him.

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However, it feels like Jason’s reservations aren’t solely about the engagement ring surprise. He referred several times to his paycheck being “his” money, and that’s not the way a marriage works. It speaks to the larger issue of Jason probably feeling some resentment because Cortney doesn’t work as much as he does, since her job is being a freelance makeup artist. Jason also thinks Cortney isn’t making up for it in other ways, i.e. keeping the apartment cleaner since she has more free time than he does working as a full-time firefighter.

It’s an interesting look at a common problem and it’ll be intriguing to watch Jason and Cortney go apartment-hunting, because that brings up another issue — Jason doesn’t want to leave New York and Cortney kind of does. She wants to raise kids in North Carolina, near her family, and she no longer has the argument that Jason has no family in New York, as he has reconnected with his estranged half-sister.

For the first time in the history of the series, it really feels like Jamie and Doug probably have a better chance of making it than Jason and Cortney.

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