christina rollyson married by mom and dad tlc Married by Mom and Dads Christina Rollyson is just trying new ways to find love

Zap2it: What made you decide to participate in “Married by Mom and Dad”?

Christina Rollyson: … When I moved down here to Charleston, S.C., I had recently gotten out of a pretty serious relationship, so I wasn’t ready to date again. And as I often have in my life, I put my entire focus on my career so I was working until late at night — like 10, 11 o’clock at night — I wasn’t having time to really even go out and meet friends much less a boyfriend or a serious relationship. I even had a couple of guys ask me out and I declined just because I thought, “Well, this is unfair to you because I don’t even have time to date you.” So I was just in a position at that point where I think I was intentionally putting all of my focus into my career. And then at some point, I realized I’m in a beautiful, romantic city; wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend this time with somebody else and enjoy life and have a family and have more to life than just a career?

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Zap2it: What were your family and friends’ initial reactions?

Christina Rollyson: … I had responses across the board. To be honest, I had people who were not supportive and did not think it was a good idea, to friends who were like, “Yeah, this makes sense; let’s go for it. Try something different. Let’s see what happens.” So it seems like I had the extreme of both responses, either people who really didn’t want me to do it or people who were really supportive and happy for me.

Zap2it: It seems this is just as viable an option as Internet dating.

Christina Rollyson: I think so, too. I think our dating society has become really open-minded in finding different forms and ways in finding love and it’s sort of the modern day. And I think some of the traditional things that have worked for other generations aren’t working for us and we’re trying to find new ways to find love.

Posted by:George Dickie