casey wilson dan bucatinsky tim meadows sarah wright olsen marry me move me nbc 'Marry Me's' Casey Wilson and Sarah Wright Olsen share Thanksgiving hijinksHosting the big Thanksgiving meal for everyone is no small feat. Stress levels running high and so many dishes — not to mention people — to account for means endless opportunities for disaster. 

“Marry Me” stars Casey Wilson (Annie) and Sarah Wright Olsen (Dennah) have both attempted to be the hostess who can do it all for the holiday meal. It … did not go well for either of them. 
Wilson is hoping 2014 brings a much better outcome than last year. “This is the second year I am hosting 30 people at my house. I don’t cook, so that’s awkward for everyone,” the actress tells Zap2it on the set of “Marry Me.” “Last year, without even doing the cooking, it was the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life.”
Family disagreements solidified Wilson’s first Thanksgiving hosting experience as being a disaster. “My dad, my brother and I all got in a huge fight that ranged throughout the day … we had to all ride together to our friend’s house to use their oven at points,” Wilson explains. “Then at separate points in the day all three of us got out of the car and said, ‘Go without me.’ All three Wilsons left the car. We are hoping this year is a little better.”

Olsen blames her disastrous first attempt on the alcohol. “My girlfriend and I tried cooking our first Thanksgiving, and it was the first time I’d ever cooked a turkey before,” she says. “We didn’t realize we needed to defrost it.”

Olsen and her friend then quickly thought of a master plan before their 10 guests arrived, which produced some very wet results. “We put the turkey in the bathtub and turned it on and then went and started drinking,” she recalls. “When we came out, my friend’s hallway and bathroom were flooded. We hadn’t turned the water off and the turkey was just there bobbing in the bathtub. It was insane.”
Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t try to rec-reate any of the above mentioned Thanksgiving hosting stories at home — they will result in disaster without question.
Posted by:Sarah Huggins