ken marino marry me nbc 'Marry Me's' Ken Marino wrote a 'love letter' movie to Long Island and clam digging

Zap2it: What is your take on your character, Jake, on NBC’s “Marry Me”?
Ken Marino: Well, I’m sort of at times like the everyman in the show, reacting off of — you know, there’s a lot of crazier things going on or more extreme characters coming on. … My character, Jake, has a decent amount of flaws and sort of kind of goes off the railing when certain things happen. 
But I think my guy is — I like to think he’s much like me. He’s a good guy, in love with his fiancée and he’s just trying to make it work, and he doesn’t necessarily understand women all the time.
Zap2it: You once wrote an independent film, “Diggers” (2007), about clam diggers on Long Island’s south shore, where you grew up. What inspired that?
Ken Marino: My dad and my grandfather, my uncles and everybody back in the ’70s were clam diggers — when you could make some cash doing it. And so I had experienced that. 
But the movie “Diggers” is just sort of almost a love letter to Long Island and to my parents and just growing up. But it’s basically about this profession that starts to kind of die out and what choices people are forced to make because this profession that once was lucrative is sort of dying out. … I’m very proud of it. 
It’s a small movie but I think it’s got some wonderful actors in it — Paul Rudd, Ron Eldard, Josh Hamilton, Maura Tierney, Sarah Paulson, Lauren Ambrose — I mean, there’s just some really wonderful actors in it and it’s a movie I’m very proud of.
Posted by:George Dickie