martha stewart martha stewarts cooking class pbs 325 'Martha Stewart's Cooking School': 'I think I can carry on where Julia [Child] left off'Well, folks, we’ve got no more excuses. The queen of culinary perfection, Martha Stewart, is set to teach us how to cook like real chefs, starting with the basics and working our way up, with her new show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,” premiering Saturday, Oct. 6, on PBS (check local listings).

“I love to teach, and PBS came to me looking for a real cooking show, one that would inspire experienced cooks — and new cooks- – to get in the kitchen and really try these things,” Stewart tells Zap2it. “We made 26 half-hour shows based loosely on my book ‘Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.’ It divides the methods of cooking into categories so there is a show devoted to how to poach, how to steam, how to roast, how to pan saute. Of course, they’ll be a refresher course for some, but a really great teaching course for others who want to learn.”

The show focuses on the techniques necessary to give viewers a rock-solid foundation for recipes that everyone will come across at one point or another. She starts off slowly (this week she helps us cook the perfect egg, whether it be soft- or hard-cooked or a fluffy scramble; next week it’s on to sauces, then vegetables) before tackling some other items that might seem daunting to the uninitiated (braising, butchering), but after watching Stewart, seem totally doable.

“These are the techniques — the secrets — that you would learn if you went to a very expensive cooking school,” Stewart says. “I think we have forgotten that there is a lot more to what we can eat than what we eat … people are so attuned to opening a box or a can.

“It takes no time at all to put a nice piece of fish in a steamer with some vegetables and have a really good meal,” Stewart says. “That’s what I want people to know — that it’s not so hard, and it’s not so complicated. … If you know the techniques and the tricks you can be a really good cook.

Julia [Child] led the way, and she was such a good teacher — and I think I’m a good teacher, and PBS thinks I’m a good teacher, and I think I can carry on where Julia left off.”

Posted by:Michael Korb