Krysten Ritter on Netflix's Jessica Jones

Marvel fans are in for a real treat when Netflix releases “Jessica Jones.” It’s far and away the best Marvel TV (and maybe film) property to date. Here are five things fans can look forward to, though be warned of minor spoilers ahead.

It’s better than ‘Daredevil’

“Daredevil” is an excellent drama. The Netflix series follows Matt Murdock as he and his cohorts fight crime and try to clean up the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. But you’re in luck, Marvel fans — because “Jessica Jones,” the next drama in the Defenders series, is even better than “Daredevil”

“Jones” is even darker and grittier than “Daredevil.” It builds upon the world created in the first series and delves into increasingly disturbing issues. Also, while “Daredevil” follows Murdock coming into his own as a superhero, “Jones” is about someone who wants to shun the superhero life but struggles between her demons and her better angels about what to do with her life after a scarring incident with Kilgrave (David Tennant), a man who can control people’s minds and make them do his bidding.

Jessica isn’t the only heroine

Everyone knows Defender Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is part of the “Jessica Jones” universe, but Jones’ world is also populated with several non-superhero heroes. There’s more than meets the eye with both her childhood friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) and her sometimes-boss Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). The way the show deftly puts women at the forefront, creating complex, messy, strong characters is part of what makes “Jessica Jones” Marvel’s best property yet.

The villain is downright terrifying

You think “Daredevil’s” Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio” is scary? Meet Kilgrave. Where Fisk has aspects of his life that are worthy of sympathy, so far Kilgrave is nothing but straight-up evil, and Tennant’s portrayal is chilling. He revels in Kilgrave’s darkness, stalking and threatening Jones like the scariest of all predators. He’s a monster.

A scene a few episodes in shows Jones listening to the stories of other survivors of the mind-control and it’s chilling — with Kilgrave not even present. Imagine how creepy he is on screen.

It’s a psychological thriller more than a power one

Jones and Cage do have superhero abilities, but “Jessica Jones” is about broken people trying to live their lives and help people as best they can. It’s far darker and more adult than any other Marvel properties, making it feel fresh and new, even if it is heavy to binge-watch.

But there’s a lot of comedy too

While “Jessica Jones” is primarily a dark look at how women survive mental, physical and psychological abuse and pick up the pieces to carry on with their lives, there’s also a lot of humor. Ritter has excellent comedic timing in firing off Jones’ one-liners and cynical sarcasm, but Moss, Colter and Taylor also get to offer up some funny lines and scenes as well. It makes “Jones” all the more enjoyable because it isn’t just a dark, depressing slog.

“Jessica Jones” drops on Netflix Friday, Nov. 20.

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