In many ways, Beyonce has always seemed a bit like a toy — everyone wants to see her wearing amazing outfits and accessories (like Barbie), some want to put her on a pedestal (like an action figure) — and now, at last, she’s been rendered in LEGO bricks as part of a fun appreciation of how her “Lemonade” has impacted our culture.

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The startlingly-powerful imagery of Bey’s recent HBO special has already become so iconic that it’s no surprise Veronica Watson, a model builder at Westchester NY’s Legoland Discovery Center, decided to re-create several key shots using the brightly-colored Danish blocks.

Beyonce in the "Lemonade" video SOURCE: HBO

Beyonce LEGOs SOURCE: The Legoland Discovery Center in Westechester NY


“I really love the album — I haven’t stopped listening to it since its release — and the visuals are really stunning and memorable,” Watson tells Popsugar via email. “Beyonce really creates a performance and a visual experience that is integral to the music.”


Beyonce in the "Lemonade" video SOURCE: HBO

Beyonce in LEGOs SOURCE: Legoland Discovery Center Westchester


It took Watson two weekends to create her display, based on the visuals that accompany such songs as “Hold Up,” “Formation” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” Rendering now-famous shots of Beyonce walking down the street, resting her head on a car and standing on the front porch of a plantation as inches-high square portraits, Watson says her favorite thing to make was Beyonce’s yellow dress.

Ultimately, this is a toy story for all ages — although the HBO special itself is decidedly adults-only material.

Beyonce in "Lemonade" SOURCE: HBO

Beyonce in "Lemonade" in LEGOs SOURCE: Legoland Discovery Center, Westchester

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