On the latest episode of "MasterChef Junior," titled "The Good, the Bad and the Smelly," the mini cheftestants are taking part in a relay race as part of their first team challenge of the season.

In Zap2it's exclusive sneak peek, the judges explain how the relay race to create seven-layer dip will work.

"You guys are each responsible for a layer in that dip," says Graham Elliot. "The beans, which you have to mash yourself; the corn, which you have to cut off the cob; salsa, which you're going to have to mix together; lettuce, which you're gonna have to shred; a layer of Wholly Guacamole, which is all-natural and scooped and made with fresh avocados.

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"Since there are only six of you per team and seven layers, the last person is doing two layers -- combining the sour cream and chives and piling all that yummy, amazing cheese on top."

Then Gordon Ramsay lets the kids in on the prize: "The winning team, the team whose dip lands here first, will get to push that judge's face right in the dip."

Naturally, the kids are ecstatic. The winning team, which is safe from elimination, also gets to choose the smelly, wrinkly or spicy ingredients for the next elimination challenge.

To find out which team emerges victorious -- and which judge gets his or her face shoved into a bowl full of seven-layer dip -- tune in Friday, Nov. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.


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