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Zap2it: What’s your role among the three “MasterChef” judges?
Graham Elliot: I’m the younger set of eyes, a little more artistic, finding food as a creative outlet and a way to find your voice and express yourself. Gordon [Ramsay] is very much more technique-driven, but also more the psychologist. He knows who needs to be pushed. He knows how to push people in a way to get the best out of them, whether it’s raising his voice or comforting, putting his arm around one. And then Joe (Bastianich) is just absolute New Yorker, black and white. We all play our own little role.

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Zap2it: What’s your favorite comfort food?
Graham Elliot: I’m down with starchy things. To me, I’m 350 pounds, bread never left. I could eat a whole loaf of Hawaiian bread while watching a TV show. My mom hates wasting things. She grew up in a family of six, very poor. Her bread machine was the garbage disposal, but edible. “So I got some leftover cake and some turkey breast, and there’s some prunes over there, and there’s some rice — let’s make a bread.” It’d be so bad, nobody would eat it, and we’d throw it out in the yard for the birds to eat.
Zap2it: Your most important tip is?
Graham Elliot: The No. 1 thing is seasoning. I tell everyone, to me, if you think that you’re making the dish too salty or over-seasoning it, add a pinch more. Salt makes things taste more like themselves.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare