Matt Damon kicked of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday (SEpt. 28) with a terrifying sequence where he was dressed like Dr. Phil, crashing the show and stealing Dr. Phil's interview segment because he feels neglected by Kimmel.

It turns out Damon has been literally waiting in the wings every night for 12 years to get to be on Kimmel's show, but Kimmel never brings him on the show. So couples therapy it is.

After an argument about Damon buying a zoo -- "That zoo was or both of us! That zoo was supposed to be something beautiful ... and you never even showed up," exclaims Damon -- they realize what their real problem is.

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The crux of their issue is that they don't appreciate each other, but after working through things, Kimmel says he'll try harder to get Damon on his show and Damon commits to waiting for 12 more years in his room with the hopes that some day he'll be on the show.

Damon also requests a television and maybe a Wi-Fi connection in his basement room in the studio where he now lives. Kimmel says he'll see what he can do.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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