mckayla maroney meme getty McKayla Maroney meme and other things that do not impress McKayla MaroneyIn the grand scheme of the 2012 Summer Olympics, it was but a mere moment. An indifferent glance, a tightened cheek, the look of ennui contrasted with a perky white bow. But on the Internet, a moment can last a lifetime – and now, gymnast McKayla Maroney is the subject of a hot Internet meme.

But if we are to judge her reaction by any of the thousands of images popping up all over blogs and being ricocheted around Facebook, she’s not impressed.

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“McKayla is Not Impressed” is the name of a tumblr page full of hilarious photoshopped images featuring the now-famous photo of the Olympian as she wore her second-place silver medal and flashed a sour face that looked…well, not impressed.

Here she is being selected for The Hunger Games. Over here, she’s wondering what the big deal is about The Beatles crossing Abbey Road. Indeed, McKayla is also unimpressed by Muhammed Ali knocking out Sonny Liston, the Mars Rover landing, and even the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Now that’s apathy.

In real life, of course, Maroney flashed the look because she was miffed that she hadn’t performed as well as she had hoped at the Olympics. Although she did win a gold medal as part of the Americans’ team competition, her reaction came while she was receiving silver for the vault, after a fall had taken first place away from her.

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“It wasn’t the silver that I was disappointed about,” Maroney says to NBC News, explaining the sour face. “I was just disappointed in what happened and how I performed. I really wanted to be able to hit both of my vaults, but I ended up falling on my second one. I was just disappointed in myself, not the silver medal. It’s amazing to even be here and be on this team and compete for USA so that definitely wasn’t something I was disappointed about.”

On her Twitter page, Maroney apologized for the face that launched a million memes. “I wasn’t thinking straight,” she tweets. “And I totally forgot what to do.”

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