Megan Mullally and husband Nick Offerman recently took a trip to Denmark and the actress tells “Conan” that her husband came up with a particular joke … that he would not stop saying to anyone and everyone they encountered.

The trip took them to the Danish town of Sletten Havn, which Offerman decided means “Sluts Harbor,” and he wouldn’t stop making his “I bet sailors like to hang out there” jokes to the Danish people.

“He won’t stop saying it, he said it like 30 times … [then] we took an 11-hour flight back to Los Angeles and we had a car pick us up. We get in the car and he’s like, ‘Guess where we went?’ to the driver. ‘We were in Sluts Harbor.’ I’m like, ‘STOP SAYING IT,'” shouts Mullally, adding that he even laughed about it when she told him she was going to tell the story on “Conan.”

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“Just last night I said I might tell that joke about Sluts Harbor and he went, ‘Ha ha ha, Sluts Harbor!’ He still thinks it’s so funny.”

Mullally also regales O’Brien and Andy Richter with how amused she is by the ways her husband’s face is used internationally. In Madurai, India, his face is used to indicate “men’s restroom.”

“Nick is the international symbol of ‘man.’ The woman is in more traditional Indian garb, and then there’s Nick Offerman and his mustache,” says Mullally. “If you only knew how appropriate it is that he would be associated with toilets.”

The bathroom photo may be the funniest, but it’s not the only one. Offerman’s likeness is also being used to advertise a Russian dentist’s office. And that photo is … horrifying. It looks like a mugshot.

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