Daniel Lara likes sneakers; Joshua Holz likes it when Daniel wears new sneakers to their high school. So much, in fact, that he enjoys shooting video of his best friend’s new kicks while shouting out the web’s hottest meme: “D***, Daniel!”

Now, Ellen DeGeneres is getting in on the fun, inviting both boys onto her show and giving them a special surprise that should inspire plenty more Snapchat videos.

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“It was just out of nowhere,” says Josh, the overly-emotive 15-year-old behind the camera whose voice is now being sampled for meme take-offs involving Daniel Radcliffe and blow-up dolls. “I just came up to Daniel after school and I was just like, ‘I’ll post this on my Snapchat story.’ So I took a video and I was like, ‘D*** Daniel,’ just out of nowhere.”

“We started taking [the videos] on a daily basis,” 14-year-old Daniel says of the clips that launched the meme. “Every sixth period.”

“Everyone started to love it,” he grins.

Airing Wednesday (Feb. 24) on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the interview has DeGeneres gifting Lara with a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers — which is enough to make anyone say “D***, Daniel!”.

“I went to the mall, I wanted to shop and see if anybody recognized me,” Lara tells Ellen of the moment he discovered his newfound fame. “We ended up taking 10, 15 photos with people. That’s when I was like ‘This is pretty big!'”

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