michael buble christmas radio city special 2014 Michael Buble's Christmas wish is to do the 'Hanukkah Song' with Adam Sandler

Zap2it: How did you come up with the terrific opening to last year’s Christmas special — you and your band warming up in a hallway, singing “Blue Christmas”?
Michael Buble: It’s funny. That wasn’t supposed to be the opening. … We were sitting backstage and I was just warming up with my boys … and one of the producers came and said, “Dude, that sounds great. Why don’t you just start like that, with just you guys in the hallway?” And so we did and it was a blast. Actually, this year we have some continuity because of the fact that I thought it worked so well for that … that I thought I would take requests and do a section just like that, unplugged with the four of us guys just sitting there and no rehearsal (laughs), some really cool requests. And we had a blast. I think it’s probably for me … my musical highlight of the show, for what I did.
Zap2it: Do you have a list of performers you’d like to get on your Christmas shows?
Michael Buble: Absolutely. … Honestly, you’ll think I’m nuts but my number one want was really Adam Sandler. I’d love to have Adam on the show. I’d love to do “The Hanukkah Song” with him. That would be like my “there we go, that’s good; life is good.” I just really like him and I like what he does. I like his movies a lot. I like his humor.
Posted by:George Dickie