michael che catcalling internet backlash gi Internet yells at Michael Che for making light of street harassment video

It looks like Michael Che has gone a little too far this time.

On Wednesday (Oct. 29), the “Saturday Night Live” star took to his social media accounts to make light of a recent viral video about the street harassment of women. The disturbing and unsettling video in question features a woman walking through the streets of New York City as she is verbally accosted by men.

In an Instagram and Facebook post, which have since been deleted, Che made light of street harassment by “apologizing” to the women who have been victim to catcalling.

“I wanna apologize to all the women that I’ve harassed with statements like ‘hi’ or ‘have a nice day’ or ‘you’re beautiful,'” writes Che. “I can’t imagine what that must feel like. The closest thing I’ve experienced is maybe when a girl recognizes me from TV and they say things like, ‘AHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! SNL SNL SNL!! TAKE A PICTURE!! TAKE A PICTURE!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! WHATS YOUR NAME AGAIN?! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! WAIT SAY SOMETHING FUNNY!!’ but even that is nothing like the harassment of having a complete stranger tell me to ‘smile.'”

The comedian was then immediately berated for his comments.

Following the public’s reaction, Che responded with a tweet and yet another sarcastic post.

“I wanna apologize for my last apology,” says Che. “Sometimes I forget that I belong to all of you now, and that any thought I have should be filtered through you, and receive ur [sic] approval. It’s tough, because I’m used to taking risks and finding humor in places of discomfort. But that’s all over, ’cause I have a job on TV. And if I say the wrong thing you’ll see to it that its taken away. So the next time I have a silly thought, I’ll giggle to myself, keep my mouth shut, and post a picture with my arm around a more famous person I met somewhere.”

Later in the day — in what was a possible attempt to break the ice — the comedian posted another Instagram picture.

can we all agree on cookies!! i think cookies are GREAT!!

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What do you think of Che’s comments?

Posted by:Casey Rackham