Michael Carbonaro

Zap2it: Do you have trouble keeping a straight face while pulling pranks on the unsuspecting on your truTV hidden-camera series “The Carbonaro Effect”?

Michael Carbonaro: I usually don’t and it comes because we’re doing so much material so fast … . There’s such a want and a desperation for it to work that when it’s working it’s just like, “Don’t mess it up. Don’t laugh. Don’t break. Keep it going.” Because you just really want it to be good.

Although it’s funny because this was the first time – we were down in Sweet Auburn Market [in Atlanta, where the show is shot] and I was doing a gag; I was over-squeezing an orange where way too much juice was coming out of one orange. It just seems physically impossible, which it was. But I had kind of made a little bit of a goof and I squirted orange juice all over my own face and all over the table and it was – I couldn’t, I laughed. I finally broke and laughed. It was pretty crazy. … We probably won’t show that one in the episode.

Do you ever get recognized?

Michael Carbonaro: We just had somebody … we were in a Fry’s electronics store and I was in disguise. And this woman, as I was performing this trick, she was like, “My gosh, you remind me so much of this show called ‘The Carbonaro Effect.’ Have you ever heard of it?” And I was like, “no.” She’s like, “There’s a guy who kind of looks like you but he does something like what you’re showing me right now.” And I show her this new piece of technology and she was like, “It’s kind of like that but he’s actually doing magic tricks.” I’m like, “Oh, so it’s not real when he does it?” And she’s like, “no.” And I’m like, “Oh, that’s so funny.” And I’m there having a conversation about myself with her and she didn’t know who I was. It was really cool.

Posted by:George Dickie