michelle obama image altered oscars iran Michelle Obama image altered   Oscar gown too racy for Iran audience?Michelle Obama made a splash at the 85th Academy Awards when she appeared live via satellite from the White House to present the Best Picture Oscar to “Argo.” But her sleeveless, scoop necked sequin gown would have apparently made too big a splash in Iran, based on the actions of an Iranian news agency.

ABC News points out the First Lady’s dress is in violation of modesty codes enforced throughout Muslim countries. So Fars added some sleeves and a much higher neckline to the gown for their Oscars story.

“We’ve persistently seen Iranian news agencies, whether they’re partially or fully state-run, use fabrication and use other means to distort images,” says Patrick Ventrell, the deputy State Department spokesperson. “We’ve seen photos manipulated. We’ve seen official statements manipulated. So there would be nothing new. It wouldn’t surprise me.”

Iranian media has reportedly criticized the Best Picture winning film for what some deem to be a negative portrayal of Iran. Inranian outlet Mehr News published a story about “Argo’s” win with the headline, “After distorting history, Ben Affleck continues to show a bleak picture of Iran: Iranians live in terrible circumstances.”

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