Christmas is today, and now that the heavy lifting is done — cards mailed, presents bought and wrapped, menus arranged, even cooking done — it’s time to figure out what you will wear.
Sure, there are some among us who bought that perfect Christmas dress in June on a 90 percent discount and dieted off the 10 pounds to wear it. Then there are the rest of us, who this week are looking at sweaters and wondering if a moth hole can be disguised and whether those pants will fit if we stop eating now, or mustering courage to face the mall again.
Zap2it looks to TV and movie characters and take some fashion tips for Christmas. What, say you, you don’t want sartorial advice from a rodent or skeleton? Animated characters never have to suck in their guts, true, but many of them embody the perfect clothes for the perfect night.
And with that, here’s what we can glean from these characters:

tvfashd22 Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown: Accessories matter for holiday fashion
Jack Skellington (“The Nightmare Before Christmas,” 1993). Yes, everyone else is wearing red or green, but really, haven’t you been packing it on since October? Remember the kids’ purloined Halloween candy? Should we even mention Thanksgiving? Two slices of pumpkin pie not enough and you had to have that midnight sandwich with mashed potatoes in the middle? Yes, you need to wear black, and pinstriped black is just that much more debonair. It’s all about the slimming effect, and let’s be honest, that’s pretty necessary right about now, isn’t it?
tvfash2d22 Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown: Accessories matter for holiday fashion
Mickey Mouse (“Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” 1983). Mickey as Cratchit is, of course, bound to be sweet. He knows that ultimately, it does not matter what you wear as long as you are with family and friends. Of course, a warm scarf, to head off the chill because Scrooge won’t keep the office warm enough, and a bright red jacket do help. And gloves — never forget those gloves, here in winter white.

tvfash3d22 Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown: Accessories matter for holiday fashion
Charlie Brown (“A Charlie Brown Christmas,” 1965). People always underestimate poor old Charlie Brown, but his fashion choices make a lot of seasonal sense. First, a red jacket is always snazzy, no matter the year. Seriously, this doesn’t look dated since he first wore it 48 years ago. But the often-overlooked accessory here is the hat with earflaps. Oh, poke fun if you must, but only someone who has never experienced the sensation of thinking his or her ears will freeze off would mock this hat.
tvfash4v2d22 Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown: Accessories matter for holiday fashion
Virginia (“Yes, Virginia,” 2009). The wonderful aspect of a classic look, especially for children, is that it can be classic a century later. OK, prairie aprons may be period specific, but a gorgeous blue wool coat, ringed with a deeper blue trim, absolutely works today. And Virginia looks as perfect as when she asked the most important question about whether there is a Santa.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler