When a loud, obnoxious person who constantly criticizes and demeans others wants to come to your party, typically you’d deny the request. But for “Twin Peaks” fans, it wouldn’t be a reunion without Miguel Ferrer.

The sharp-tongued 60-year-old “NCIS: Los Angeles” star has signed on to reprise his role as caustic FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield on the currently-filming “Twin Peaks” revival, according to Deadline. He is the latest in a long list of original actors (Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn) and new ones (Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Jason Leigh) to join the cast of the Showtime series.

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Although he was only on the original show for eight episodes, Ferrer’s Rosenfield was a significant scene-stealer in the classic early-90s series. A talented forensic analyst with a terrible bedside manner, Rosenfield was a stark contrast to MacLachlan’s wide-eyed, eager-to-please Agent Dale Cooper.

Storming through the slow-paced, folksy Twin Peaks like a bull in a china shop, Rosenfield compared Andy to a dog, mocked Doc Hayward’s medical talents and rode Sheriff Truman so hard that Harry eventually punched him — much to Cooper’s delight. In a true “Twin Peaks” headscatcher, Rosenfield eventually revealed himself to be a pacifist, telling Sheriff Truman that he loved him.

Showtime has yet to confirm the casting news — in fact, the only returning actor Showtime will confirm is MacLachlan.

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