Woody Allen has written a new TV series for Amazon, and the casting news might surprise you. It might surprise everyone in Hollywood, actually, since Deadline reports the famed actor and writer has Miley Cyrus to star in the series.

The former Disney star turned MTV Awards bad girl hasn’t had a major TV role since the days of “Hannah Montana,” and this new series will surely be a change of pace for the young actress.

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Allen will also direct and star in the limited series, along with Elaine May, who produced many of Allen’s previous films. Cyrus, May, and Allen are the only actors to be cast so far, and information on the series is still thin on the ground. Allen did reveal that the show will consist of six half-hour episodes, and it will take place in the 1960s.

In a previous interview, he spoke to Deadline about how taxing the writing process was for TV as opposed to film.

“I had the cocky confidence, well, I’ll do it like I do a movie…it’ll be a movie in six parts. Turns out, it’s not,” Allen says. “For me, it has been very, very difficult. I’ve been struggling and struggling and struggling.”

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After all the struggling, it appears he’s finally finished with the writing process –- at least enough to begin casting – and shooting will start in March.

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