apolo anton ohno minute to win it 325 gsn 'Minute to Win It': Apolo Anton Ohno takes over from Guy Fieri

Zap2it: On Tuesday, June 25, you make your official debut as the new host of “Minute to Win It,” now on GSN, shooting today on a soundstage north of Los Angeles. What made you want to make the switch from athlete to game show host?
Apolo Anton Ohno: I had watched the show before on NBC. I had seen Guy Fieri host it. Guy was good, and the show was strangely addictive to watch. The games are so simple and fun. We like watching people make money. But it’s not easy. We’re here almost 12 hours a day, and we do two to three shows a day. So it’s pretty intense.
Zap2it: But isn’t training for, and competing in, speed skating in the Olympics intense?
Apolo Anton Ohno: Yeah, but I’m not used to standing on my feet the whole time and smiling. I don’t have super high energy. I’m pretty self-contained, but I genuinely want people to win money, so that helps the most.
Zap2it: Are you learning about the contestants?
Apolo Anton Ohno: You get the stories, what they’re going to use the money for — or what they say they’ll use the money for — what their relationship is to the partner who’s playing, the family that’s involved, why they need the money, why they want to play … all that fun stuff.
Zap2it: As an athlete, what’s your winning advice?
Apolo Anton Ohno: You just think about the process. You can’t always control the outcome, but you can put yourself in the best possible position to perform well in these circumstances.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare