On Monday (May 30), Mistresses" returns with all new episodes and Zap2it got to sit down with Rochelle Aytes and Rob Mayes -- who star as April Malloy and her young lover Marc Nickelby -- about what audiences can look forward to in the Season 4 premiere. We discuss everything from from Savannah Davis' (Alyssa Milano) possible return, to the upcoming "adult drama" with daughter Lucy and the exciting new addition of Jerry O'Connell to the cast.

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"Mark and April are together," Aytes says. "Marc is trying to figure out her life. So is April. There's also some drama with her daughter Lucy." It's hard to believe Lucy (Corinne Massiah) is all grown up, and when asked if it's time for "the sex talk," Aytes says, "Yes. We have to have it. She's 14 years old. There are boys who are friends now ... and we have to have that. Life is moving fast."

Mayes gets visibly uncomfortable during this topic, hilariously similar to how his boyish character on the show would react. But Aytes handles questions about birth control and condoms with ease. "We're having the safe talk," she says.

Marc and April's relationship will also struggle when her alcoholic mother Marjorie (Lynn Whitfield) returns. Mayes describes this situation as "a disaster" for Marc. But as an actor, Mayes says these the scenes are "fun to play. I love it."

April and Rob on 'Mistresses'

We also asked the question on every fan's mind: Is Savi coming back?

"She's is not in it," Aytes says in reference to Season 4. "But she's a presence. We can't ignore the fact the she exists. Will she come back? I don't know." It's hard to squeeze spoilers from these actors because they don't get the upcoming scripts until "like 20 minutes" before shooting, Mayes jokes.

Jerry O'Connell and Yunjin Kim on 'Mistresses' Season 4

While Savi won't be returning, Aytes and Mayes are excited for Tabrett Bethell's return as Harry's single sister Kate. Plus, there's the addition of Jerry O'Connell, who will be guest-starring as Karen Kim's (Yujin Kim) manny. "Jerry is funny as heck, and Tabrett is awesome," Aytes says. "This season is pretty damn cool."

Season 4 of "Mistresses" premieres on Monday, May 30, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.



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