andrew santino mixology 'Mixology': Andrew Santino is the 'devil on the shoulder'On Wednesday, Feb. 26, ABC premieres “Mixology,” a comedy set in one night in
one bar — high-end Manhattan watering hole Mix — as 10 single people try to
find love, or at least lust.

Blake Lee stars as Tom, a man recently dumped by his fiancee, whose friends —
confident Cal (Craig Frank) and fast-talking Bruce (Andrew Santino) — are
tossing him into the singles pool after a decade off the market. First, he
meets beautiful but brutal attorney Maya (Ginger Gonzaga), which leaves him in
tears. It gets worse after that.
“Cal is the more levelheaded, clear-thinking man,” Santino tells Zap2it, “and Tom is very impulsive and nervous and riddled with anxiety, and Bruce is the devil on his shoulder, if you will. I’m trying to get Tom to do something he’s not used to. Instead of putting his feet in the water, I tell him to jump all the way in all the time.”

As to what he has in common with Bruce — whom Santino sees as a hard case with a soft center — Santino says, “I can tend to be very brash and bold and a little hotheaded, a little bit quick to judge. The things I have in common with Bruce are my faults.
“I’m a little bit too jumpy, when sometimes I should just sit back and let it unfold as it’s supposed to and think about it before I jump in. That’s very Bruce-ish, to just go do that without thinking and not care about the repercussions.
“I will say this, one thing I do share with him, on the other end, deep down, Bruce is actually a sweet dude. He really does care about people who care about him. He is a very loyal friend, and I’m pretty loyal to my friends, people I love, because that’s all you’ve got, your family and your friends.”
Birth date: Oct 16, in Chicago
TV cred: “The Surf Report,” “Punk’d,” “Behind the Lights,” “Adam Devine’s House Party,” “Crafty,” “The Office,” “Arrested Development,” “Family Tree,” “Children’s Hospital”
Film cred: “Henry Poole Is Here,” “Santa’s Xmas Party,” “Funny Girl,” “Warren”
Sports cred: “I like watching the LPGA when I’m staying in a hotel room. That’s what I’m doing; I’m hanging. Huge Natalie Gulbis fan, can’t get enough. Michelle Wie and I used to go toe to toe when I was a little girl as well, on the local course by my house. I love the men’s game as well, but it’s not on right now, so I gotta LPGA it right now.”
Favorite book: “I think my favorite book might have been a book called ‘Dry: A Memoir,’ by Augusten Burroughs. He was a fantastic writer. He’s great at everything he writes, but for some reason that came into my brain, and I really loved it. It’s a dangerous story and has a little bit in common with our show, the life of a drinker. It’s about addiction and love and loss. It’s wild.”
Favorite music: “I listen to everything under the sun. My playlists are hysterical. You’d think I’m someone who just doesn’t have a taste, if you saw it. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of this girl named Lissie. She’s a very folk/rock with a beautiful, dirty voice, almost a little raspy. … And then classic rock; I love Bob Seger. I have Dolly Parton on here, the song ‘Jolene,’ which I love.”
Favorite movie: “There’s no doubt that I will bum everyone out if they hear this, but I’ve always been in love with ‘Shawshank Redemption.’ It’s everyone’s go-to, and it plays a million times a year. That’s my favorite film, probably of all time, front to back. It’s so perfect. For comedies, ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ because that’s what I grew up with.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare