modern family new girl marry me black ish valentine 2015 'Modern Family's' Claire Dunphy, 'New Girl's' Schmidt and other bad ValentinesNot a big fan of Valentine’s Day? You are not alone. Luckily amidst all the chocolate and roses, there are TV characters that aren’t having the best day of love celebrating either. There’s nothing better than watching people like Schmidt (Max Greenfield) on “New Girl” and Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) on “Modern Family” having humorous, yet terrible V-Day’s to make a person feel better about spending the holiday alone. 

Take a look at 2015’s worst Valentines. 
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1. Claire Dunphy (“Modern Family”)
Phil and Claire have had a lot of fun role playing with their alter egos Clive and Juliana over the years. However, Valentine’s Day 2015 brings about some fear for Claire when she realizes Phil may be more into the fantasy than his actual wife. 
2. Gloria Delgado Pritchett (“Modern Family”)
It doesn’t get much worse than watching your sister hit on your husband.
3. Schmidt (“New Girl”)
On Valentine’s Day Schmidt finds out dating Fawn Moscato isn’t all it is cracked up to be. 
4. Dre and Rainbow Johnson (“Black-ish”)
Nothing says love more than getting into a colossal fight with a spouse on the big day. 

When Will gets sympathy pancakes from Fiona he tells her about his pathetic plan to use Valentine’s Day to his advantage. 
6. Annie Fletcher and Jake Schuffman (“Marry Me”)

Valentine’s Day opens the door for criticism in Jake and Annie’s relationship. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins