Jesse Tyler Ferguson has a celebrity crush, and it’s a pretty familiar face for anyone versed in YouTube culture. 
During an appearance on Tyler Oakley’s web series, the “Modern Family” star reveals that his celebrity crush is Oakley himself. Of course, the two were playing a speed round of the question game, and Oakley was the first person that came to Ferguson’s mind, but it seems legit. 
The two also discussed Ferguson’s bow-tie line (TieTheKnot) and how they first met. They’ve run into each other at various Trevor Project events but really got to know each other during a trip to Disneyland. Since Ferguson works for ABC, he got Oakley and their group the VIP treatment and a special escort to help them get to rides without being harassed by fans. It turns out that it wasn’t Ferguson who needed the fan protection — Oakley was the one mobbed by the kids at the park for pictures and autographs. 
Poor Jesse. You can catch more of him on “Modern Family” on ABC Wednesdays, and Oakley will be going from YouTube to TV as he co-hosts an episode of MTV’s “Catfish” while Max Joseph is away working on a movie. 
Posted by:Megan Vick