jennifer finnegan monday mornings 325 nc 'Monday Mornings' Jennifer Finnigan wanted a new beginning after 'Better With You'Zap2it: How has the experience of doing “Monday Mornings” been for you?

Jennifer Finnigan: I know it’s a cliche, but I’ve been happy to go to work every day. I’ve loved other jobs I’ve had, but I was muddling my way through other things that weren’t quite right. In this show, everything has lined up for me. I adore the cast, I adore the writing, I adore the producers … every day has been just a joy.

Zap2it: Since Alfred Molina is so pivotal to the show and the other characters as the interrogator of the doctors, what has your work with him been like?

Jennifer Finnigan: He is so magnetic, and he’s also so generous as an actor. He keeps you on your toes by constantly changing things up, with quirky and strange things. He’s inventive and interesting and strange and wonderful.

Zap2it: Your previous series, ABC’s “Better With You,” was a comedy. After that ended its one-season run, had you considered staying in that genre instead of moving back to drama?

Jennifer Finnigan: That was a unique experience, but once the show got canceled, I wanted a new beginning. The idea of leaping right into another comedy, it seemed like that wouldn’t have put an end to that story, and I really wanted a new beginning.

“Monday Mornings” is so utterly different — in so many ways — from anything else I’ve done, really. I also desperately wanted an ensemble piece, but I couldn’t have dreamed of being a part of something like this. I am so lucky.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin